Barcode Generator Overview

Great Barcode Generator is easy to use and efficient software to create and print lots of customized barcodes quickly in two simple steps. Software categorizes in two basic steps, one is to Input Data and Set Format and other one is to Print or Export. You can generate professional barcodes conveniently by using any supported barcode fonts such as UPC, EAN, ISBN, Code 39, Code 128 and others with 0-9 digits, characters or alphanumeric values. Great Barcode software facilitates formatting of numerous barcodes by using formatting panel. You can swiftly create constant or sequential value barcodes and flawlessly print, save or copy your barcodes with Great Barcode Generator.


Printing Barcodes on Labels

Software includes second step to Print or Export the barcodes. After select Print or Export go to Print Barcodes and choose specific print alignments as per layouts such as Auto, Pre Defined Label Stock and Manual. Auto is used to print barcode in center, select pre defined label stock to print barcodes with particular templates like APLI, Ace Label, Avery etc with unique Product Numbers and Manual alignment is consider to set values as per requirement such as enter values of Number Across, Down, Margins and others to get perfect print. You can Save barcode images in different image file formats including PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and all others. Great Barcode Generator also offers Copy feature, copy barcode and easily implement in other applications such as Word, Excel, Paint, Adobe Photoshop etc for editing or other purpose.


Working With Data Sheet

Great Barcode Generator offers effortless method to produce multiple barcodes in less time. Select option of List Values to create list of barcodes manually or via importing values from Text or Excel document. You can create sequential list by entering data in prefix, suffix and specific range field with print quantity manually for barcode values, text above and below fields or import information of Barcode Values, Text Above and Below from text/excel files to sequential list of barcodes. Data Sheet panel is displayed the data of sequential list for quick access and editing.


Customizing Barcodes

Application provides option to format and customize barcode labels by set different parameters in panel of Basic Settings, Text Formatting and Advanced Settings. You can easily adjust Output dimensions through height, width, Bar Settings via Background and Bars color, Rotation, Text Visibility and Bearer Bars either vertically or horizontally. Text Formatting is available to set different text styles and alignments for Text Above and Below information. Advance Settings consists option to set varied bar dimensions, margins etc.