Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is immovable device competent to read or decode information printed on barcodes attached to several products and provide relevant information regarding selected object such as company name, product name, price, quantity etc on your local PC. It transforms electronic code of barcode images into EBDIC or ASCII. Barcode Readers exists in different kinds according to scanning procedure including pen type, laser, omni-directional, CCD (charged coupled device) and two dimensional scanners.

Barcode Scanners are used to scan manifold barcode symbols created through Barcode Generator and give product information stored in barcodes in seconds.

Barcode Scanner Features

Barcode Scanner is composed of three parts like Illumination system, Sensor/Converter and Decoder.

  • Illumination system consists of a red beam of light which is to be enlighten on barcode.
  • Sensor detect beam of light reflected from illumination system which in turn creates an analog signal.
  • Converter switches produced analog signal into digital one and transmit to decoder part.
  • Decoder read between the lines of digital signal, carried out mathematical computations, check barcode is intelligible or not, modifies into ASCII text and send it to the PC to which the reader is attached.