Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer is computer device designed to print barcode images, tags, ribbons, symbols, pictures, stickers, labels or any code representation affixed to objects. On the basis of performance, barcode printer prevails in several kinds like extreme presentation quality printers, average range printers, marketable printers, desktop printers and specific-purpose printers. Printers can also be classified according to their technology such as thermal transfer and thermal direct.

Barcode Printer prints single or bulk high resolution barcode stickers generated by Barcode Generator on multiple or same pages.

Barcode Printer Features

  • Direct Thermal Printers employ a print head leading to a chemical reaction in specifically created paper and changes color of paper to black. They are economical and can generate labels on heat exposure, direct sunlight or chemical vapors.
  • Thermal Transfer Printers also works on heat exposure with the difference that heat melts a waxy stuff on a ribbon which executes over label or tag matter and relocates ink from ribbon to paper.