New Barcode Technology “Semacode” with Camera Mobile Phones

Look around how much the world has developed just within the past decades. Ever had those bulky mobile phones that had antennas? Looking back at those times, having one makes you no ordinary person since getting one isn’t that simple before. Not to mention, how much it cost to own one! But throughout the years those bulky phones transformed into versions that no longer had antennas. Then the monochrome screen got tweaked with colors. Thinking about how much mobile phones transformed just within a few span of years, is really amazing. Year by year, new models arise. Ones that we only thought would exist in movies! Now look what we have, mobile phones that no longer required keypads. We’re living in an era where Smartphones emerge with dominance. Deny it or not, most of us own a mobile phone with a built-in camera and if yours doesn’t have one you’re really way behind. Do you know how powerful those cameras can be now? How much use you can get when you invest in one? Who says they’re just for pictures? Well, you should think again.

What you have in your hand is no longer just a regular phone with a camera, with the right applications your camera can be turned into a bar code scanner in no time. Before we get to how that works, let us learn about how this became possible. Familiar with Semacodes? Well if you’re thinking about bar codes, then you got it right. Semacode is basically a reading system for bar codes and as a matter of fact, it’s all you need to keep track with the optimized mobile bar code technology.  What does it take form into? Crossword puzzles, yes they do look similar to them. Only that they appear very blurry, dense or pixelated like QR codes, if you’re familiar with them. So let’s get to how mobile cameras and semacodes fit in one picture together, literally. It really is just like taking pictures. Your camera will capture the semacode tag and will act as a sensor that will extract the embedded web address and data from the tag. Do take note that you can’t just simply do this with your mobile camera; you will first need an application that can be downloaded and installed into your phone. No need to worry much, there are plenty of them available for download anyway. All you have to do is actually pick one and get on with your bar code scanning.

It may seem a bit complicated when it comes to knowing semacodes, but using it won’t really require lots of knowledge. It’s really easy when you get the hang of it. Add to that the numerous benefits you can enjoy using it.

With semacodes available, e-commerce (electronic commerce) found ways to allow buying and selling processes easier. How? Instead of asking buyers to send their payments through bank deposits, remittance centers or use credit cards, they came up with an idea of providing semacode tags along with their products. So think of it as the bar codes of online products, cool right? Don’t worry about the bar code scanners, because as mentioned earlier mobile phones now have the power to scan these semacode tags. When you’re done with the scanning and finalizing your orders, your purchase will then be charged to your mobile phone bill! How convenient is that? There are more, and the benefit does not end here. Even expect more to come.

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