Introduction of Smartpet (Robotic Dog with iphone Face)

However , day by day new technologies is being introduced in the market with something extra ordinary invention developed in lots of cool and insane gadgets same as like with this Bandai’s Smartpet , a robot dog with an iphone for its brain. This is truly a marvelous movement in world of electronics animals care with smartpet .

Hereby, some good advantageous feature of this innovative technology:-


  • Being an iphone device technology integration this can easily be controllable with free apps.
  • Smartpet profoundly react to your touch screen gestures with more than 100 facial expressions.
  • Response quickly to your voice command or movement in front of the face time camera.
  • It can sing or dance with other dogs via bluetooth.
  • Smartpet also function like alarm clock and handsfree phone.
  • When it gets emotionally attached to you results in learns more reaction.
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