Introduction of 2D Barcode with EHRs (Electronic Health Record) Updation

Indeed, effective 2D barcode application is being introduced for vaccination process that allowing information about the drug automatically added to patient’s personal EHRs using Smartphone and scanners. This technology is profoundly being developed by Children’s Healthcare System, Athena health and many more.

Basically, the major purpose of this technology is to scan vaccine label information by using certain 2D-Barcodehandheld scanner or by smartphones into Electronic Health Record (EHR). Primarily, the usage of 2D barcode software on vaccine can easily contain information about the labeled product into small symbol that can readily scanned into patient record as well as supply chain and inventory record data specify. It works proficiently with linear alongside two barcode based symbologies for better enhancement of EHRs productivity.

However, this 2D barcode generator application developed through collaboration between e-health record vendor Athena health, Cook Children Health Care System, Microsystems and other two large drug maker that together works for this technology allows any of the e-medical vendor to perform activities intrinsically added with 2D barcode interface for compatibility with its EHRs system.

Hereby, about this robust technique that exclusively keeps the records of patient’s medical history along with ability to other health care activates  directly and indirectly with various interfaces includes makes better decision promptly and enable better care etc.

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