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Human Bar code? Let’s face it, not all people are aware that such thing is possible. Bar coded people? If you don’t have a very open mind, you’d take this negatively. Most people may fear being barcoded because our common perception about systems such as the bar code is that it was developed to control and manipulate things. The thought of bar coded products being scanned and manipulated comes to mind. Thus, who would find such idea appealing? Who would want to be a human bar code? But do think this through. Bar codes greatly enhanced and optimized our daily processes, it’s a very innovative system. Imagine getting the same results when the idea of bar coding humans pushes through. We may have different opinions regarding this topic, but it will be quite fair to look through both sides of the parties first. Study, learn and get to know the essential factors before concluding your very own opinion. Refrain from bias conclusions. You may not know, but maybe human bar codes aren’t that bad. After all those who came up with the idea aspires only the convenience of his/her own kind. Who are these people? What made them think such idea is possible or that it’ll gain acceptance around people?

Biometric technologies are the ones very much responsible for the ideas associated with human bar codes. Previous corporate faces include those who are around the biometric sector and strongly believed that bar codes were made to change lives and possibly literally change the lives of the humans who use them itself. At first, many disagreed with the idea but then they were all biased opinions accusing the idea of implementing human bar codes was fictive and foolish. However, when the pros and cons were weighed and benefits were given the initial reaction was therefore nothing but hollow. Now new corporate faces advocate human bar codes. Many of those still include biometric personnels joined by random individuals coming from various sectors. One given example is a science fiction author who believes that embedding human bar codes may be a good idea during infancy. Elizabeth Moon said so during an interview regarding a debate about human bar coding. She upheld the idea by saying that providing a personal ID in the form of a bar code on an infant after birth is an easy way to identify an individual without going through tricky processes like DNA testing. She believed that this would take less time and is more convenient. So who wants to get their baby bar coded? Not a very comfortable proposition right? But who knows? Maybe they’re right maybe it can really help us. Anyway, bar coding humans isn’t limited solely through this way. Other corporate faces propose several varieties to bar code human beings, all linked with biometric technologies. So basically, we don’t really have to be printed with lines and numbers mirroring the looks of the conventional bar code. Let’s just think of it as another way to provide us convenience.

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