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How is RFID Technology Beneficial in Barcode Scanner?

RFID (radio frequency identification) is system based technology that uses radio waves to communicate data for identification, assets tracking, people tracking, manufacturing processes, aerospace industries,  security and loss prevention and rental equipment etc. with accuracy applied at various levels and efficiently used in hostile surroundings.RFID is robust and most effective automatic identification technology which includes wireless data capture and transactions processing alongside provide additional functionality and benefit for product’s security and authentication in various levels of data integrity in the form of check-sum encoding for application to be processed.

  Basically, the main purpose of this technology is to enable data to be transmitted by any portable device generally known as “tags” that can be read by RFID scanner and then processed as required by the application with definite compatibility. RFID tags are of two types- read only and read –write distinctly perform tracking functionality of more than one item and can readable by RFID scanner chronologically. Moreover, these tags are profoundly act as a security features if lost or stolen of any product along with have ability to monitor shelf life considered to be beneficial in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

RFID technology gracefully embraces with high valuable functionality for automation of data tracking more than one item and bring multiple benefits to the application regarding different industries in which it is used:-

  • RFID tags are immensely robust and secure that can easily workable in harsh climate and sturdy environment.
  • RFID is used to keep track of mobile asset.
  • Being expensive in nature gives durability of data consistency with large data storage capacity.
  • This technology helpful for reducing theft and loss of goods being securable enough.
  • This technology widely enhances product’s readability and scalability operations.
  • It is much hard to duplicate an RFID tag as compare to other identification methods.
  • RFID information automatically updated repeatedly.
  •  Being portable in nature, RFID tags can be easily placed anywhere without need line of sight to be scanned.
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