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Eye-Catching App Wonder to Detect Skin Cancer

Amazed discovery with iPhone application introduced by University of Michigan called “UM Skin Check” that help user to detect potential Skin Cancer intrinsically through self-diagnose feature. With this new achievement anyone can self exam or check lesion in whole body skin related changes.

Some of the effective feature of this app with iphone as follows:

  • This app easily can conduct whole body self photography that help to track skin changes in respect to indicate skin cancer.
  • UM Skin Check majorly aims to make photography of whole body self diagnosis.
  • This app enables user easier way to detect skin related diseases like lesion, sunburn, melanoma etc.
  • New app provides known feature to keep record of risk calculator that helps you to analysis the problem scalability.
  • Helpful feature of this app is to get more learn about skin cancer with preventive measures.
  • Moreover, advantageous feature about this app is to have password protection setting that certainly keep data or images secure.
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