Barcode – Based Mobile Payment Service Offered by PayPal

As all we know PayPal is online payment giant that extensively offers offline payment with launch of new advanced feature of barcode based mobile payment service for the user’s convenience. This new technology named as PayPal inStore app is intrinsically available for all Android and Apple iOS devices that profoundly gives safety and secure attributes such as anytime user can unlock the application with unique identification number(PIN) with integrity to maintained user’s personal and financial information. Hence, this marvelous up gradation in payment services leads to maintains the dignified image for eye-catching view of barcode incorporation smartly in several usages on our daily routine activities.

Let’s take an instance suppose, if you want to make payment for your new purchased accessories with your mobile phone then this app is fruitful as it certainly generates a unique barcode and transaction numbers with which shop cashier scan to withdrawal payment from you PayPal account. Moreover, it can also work without phone or Wi-Fi signals.

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