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A Virus (M13 Bacteriophage) to Power your Mobile Phone

A unique technology is being developed by Berkeley’s to harness electricity from bacteria eating virus known as “M13 Bacteriophage” to power or charge your mobile phones without involvement of toxic chemical . Basically, this virus possess a property known as Piezoelectric component that made up from heavy, toxic metals such as lead and cadmium that readily converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Most of the mobile devices are piezoelectric as they require transforming sound waves into electrical output that can be transmitted alongside translated back into sound waves to other communication path.

Key features of M13 Bacteriophage:

  • It has an ability to generate electrical power without involvement of any chemical toxic when compressed.
  •  M13 virus is pencil-shaped that potentially a perfect energy source without harmful to human.
  • This technology enables pave way for mobile phones that can be easily charged while walk.
  • Easily availability of this virus gives inexpensive designing of piezoelectric mobile devices.
  • Bacteria-Eating Virus profoundly can be used to charge cell phones without plugging into mains.

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